Share your Ship!

share your ship video.  send us video of your cruise vacation

We want your cruise photos and videos!

Here is what we need:

Cabin Video

Shoot a short video of your cabin starting at the door and be sure to include your cabin number in the video.  Viewers want to see the bathroom, main cabin, seating area, vanity, view from the cabin and any other details such as power outlets by the bed, special amenities, etc.  Basically what would you want to know about your cabin before you booked your cruise? 

Video Cruise Review

Time to put on your best ship face and tell other cruisers about your vacation.  Start your video with the ship name, sailing date and cabin number then tell us about your cruise!  What did you love?  Any tips for other cruisers?  Anything unexpected?  What was on the menu?  How as the service?  Overall what would you rate your cruise vacation taking into consideration all aspects?

Kids/Teen Program

Show us what your kids loved most about their cruise!  Did they go to the kids/teens program?  Use the water slides?   Send us your photos or short video that will help other families plan their cruise vacation.

Menus - Food & Drink

Everyone wants to know "what's on the menu" so send us pictures of the menus and be sure to tell us what dining room, specialty restaurant or bar you enjoyed.

Sail Away Party

Did you video the sail away party on your cruise?  Share it with us and show other cruisers how much fun you had on your cruise vacation.

Show us your ship face!

Love your cruise?  Have helpful tips for other cruisers?  

Send us a video review of your cruise vacation!  Be sure to include the ship name, sailing date and cabin number at the beginning of your video review.  

Ham it up and give us your best ship face!  

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Show Us Your Ship Face